Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Must

If you have even a remote interest in teaching yoga to people with special needs, you must study with Molly Kenney - founder of the Samarya Yoga Center & Integrated Movement Therapy (Seattle Washington.)

Integrated Movement Therapy™ is the holistictheoreticc approach for people of all ages, from infancy to adulthood, using yoga's philosophical, physical and spiritual framework in conjunction with conventional neuro-physiological perspectives to address the unique challenges of people with special needs.

The IMT approach is based on three overarching philosophies: that the student is already perfect and whole, that the student and teacher are both unlimited in their abilities to heal and that no part of the body/mind/spirit complex, and no part of the brain, works alone.

Supporting these beliefs is an empirically sound, brain-based therapy in which the therapist combines skills from conventional Master's level training with yoga philosophy and practice to introduce and integrate IMT's six core principles (structure and continuity, physical stimulation, language stimulation, social interaction, self-calming and direct self-esteem building) to help the student reach his or her highest potential.

Molly will be here this June to share IMT with the NYC community. Form more information on her & this amazing work - visit

You wont be sorry!!!

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