Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still in N'Walins

Hey all - because of the bad weather down south, ice storms in Texas, we have been held up with driving west towards Austin...not a bad place to be held up, REALLY! I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!!

I had the amazing opportunity to google upon Wild Lotus Yoga studio - Sean Johnson of the Wild Lotus band is the owner & I also found Leslee teaching the kids yoga classes there, she took my TT almost 4 years ago! I joined her & NOLA yoginis for a 1 hour yoga class today - it was so sweet to be in their presence! It was also nice to be in the class with a teacher I trained & see her offer NGY techniques & teachings that I shared with her so many years ago! Yep, that's us in the pic!

All else is great in New Orleans, ready to get back on the road & head west to SO CAL!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Animal Rescue New Orleans is where I was service this afternoon. I fed the dogs, gave fresh water, walks & lots of massage & LOVE! It amazed me how there are still SO MANY animals homeless since Katrina...3rd generation pups, hundred of thousand cats stray - support is still needed. Go to to volunteer & make a donation - I gave just 4 hours of my time, and it was so much to to these dogs.

Robin & Jackie (pic above) started the organization, and are committed to not ever closing down!

The highlite for me, besides connecting with each dog indovidually - but going back to my pooch, Chants! And giving him love! He has it good, no doubt!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Drive to the South

Day 3 was the drive from Atlanta to New Orleans...including Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi in to Louisiana, 1st time in New Orleans!! The drive was gorgeous, the weather heated up - the people, kindred, kind and caring. I am being courageous!

We made it to New Orleans by early evening (friday night) & went to our friends house, Andy from NY. So good to be with an old friend, it's like being with family. We ate at Jacqumois & met Jack, the food is MUCH better than the restaurant on the uws.

There is a Saints football game saturday night and the town is on FIRE! I feel so much spirit here, love, passion & contribution for community. I love the vibe here ~ New Orleans Rocks!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Journey of a Lifetime

It took us 7 hours to drive from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA, and another 2 hours driving in Atlanta looking for a vacant dog friendly hotel. Apparently there is a boat & apparel show happening this weekend.

Todays drive was emotionally therepeutic for me. I now get what people are saying about getting in touch with yourself on a drive across country! Life is truly precious and I am so very grateful for this time in my life!

On a food note...I now know 1st hand the yuck quality food that exists down south - for dinner I ate waffles ;) see picture!

Chants is loving this trip too and is also enjoying local grub. He sleeps a lot in the car and has some good runs when we stop. His nose knows this is a journey of a lifetime!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On the Road!

What an amazing day today! An 8:30am interview with a NY Times journalist - how ironic on the day I was moving out of NYC :)

I drove most of the way today, brother Barry as passenger and Prince Chants had the whole back seat. The drive through NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA was simple, plain, meditative - lots of music including an angel-made cd with NYC and Call songs - yes, I balled my eyes out hugging my mom at the house I grew up in.

We ate near the Univ of Maryland - Barry was craving crab cakes...he declared only other regional food is New Orleans.

10 hours later we arrived in Raleigh NC at Barry & Tami's friends' home - turns out his housemate, I just found out taught yoga & puppetry to inner city kids.

My body is achey and I am bursting with emotions. All in all, its great to be on the road!

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