Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back East

Just back from Connecticut where I led Next Generation Yoga Teacher Trainings. This past week of my life stands out as successful because I am feeling full of joy, love, inspiration, creativity and fulfillment.

I met Amy & Mark Bannon, owners of the studio Enlightened Way Wellness Center recently at the Chopra Center, here in San Diego. They invited me to come lead training and help jump-start their children’s yoga program. For 6 days straight between 6 to 10 women learned what is yoga for kids, the benefits, how to teach the different age groups, how to make it fun, creative & educational, and so much more. We had a lot of fun, being creative, connecting and allowing our inner child to come out to play.

Along with being completely inspired from being in my Dharma this past week, I also feel blessed to have reconnected with the beauty of the east coast during the peak of the change in seasons. The foliage was brightening right before my eyes. I loved watching the leaves fall; blowing in the wind, people raking them in to piles. The temperature was yummy fall; sun shining bright & air clean and crisp. The studio is on a river, so our breaks were spent waterside. Really a treat! Oh & to top it all off, I got ride on a Harley – my all time favorite!

This journey back east reminded me of many of the things in my life I enjoy & desire/require.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Finding Jodi

I have been feeling an overall sense of peace lately. Particularly in healing my relationship with David, its incredible how fast time is happening. It has been just 5 months, and I no longer feel triggered, pain or anger. I feel love and compassion, detatchment and gratitude for what was & what is. We are actually going to be playing on a soccer team together. Don't ask how this hapend, it simply is the Universe working magic, by inviting us to play, cheer, laugh & be friends. I recognize this as a gift and can hardly wait for the season!

I love my little home, growing as a single woman and expanding my career. While I know being in relationship is the fast way to seeing myself, aka law of reflection, I find spending the time now, single, is the best way to get to know who is Jodi. I vow to keep her present in all my relations.

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