Friday, November 06, 2009

24 Day Cleanse

I just completed a 23 day cleanse, yes it was going to be 28 days, but I listened closely to my body and's time to stop. I feel so good, alive, energized, clear, clean and healthy. And boy did eating taste good tonight!!

I am proud to say that for 3 & 1/2 weeks I ate all organic, 80% raw food, no salt, no caffeine, no acidic foods. I drank 3-4 psyllium & bentonite shakes a day and supplemented with recommended herbs by Arise & Shine. I kept my electrolytes up with fresh vegetable juice and mineral broth. I indulged in a colonic a week supporting me in the detox and release of any intestinal blockage including mucoid plaque.

I did the full 28 day cleanse last year and feel that in comparison I released a lot more last year. Having a good, healthy, clean diet certainly has its rewards, and like my body said: you are done cleansing 5 days early ;-)

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