Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Wednesday Walk ~ Solitude is a Positive Place to Be! :)

Today my Wednesday Walk takes place on a tranquil beach in Koh Samui, Thailand. After 2 weeks of teaching and enjoying the company of many people everyday, I am now embracing a solo vacation. In solitude, I am able to tune into myself, be in my own flow, and really take care of my own needs. for me, this is very much needed.
I recently came across this great article by Dr. Annette Colby which I totally resonate with. Here are the top 5 reasons we should spend time alone:
1) Time to Rediscover Self & Reevaluate Priorities
2) Bring Back Your Lust for Life
3) Time to Breathe & Release Stress Levels
4) Be With Your Own Feelings
5) Be Independent
It has been an interesting adventure spending so much time alone & I especially enjoy the reaction when others find out that I am traveling solo. Please enjoy this week’s video blog on why solitude is important in my life.

Please do leave a comment below, sharing some of the ways you enjoy spending time alone, or if being alone is challenging for you, I’d love to know why that is.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Wednesday Walk ~ Hi From Hong Kong... A Dream Come True! :)

Today’s Wednesday Walk is not my typical stroll with my dog Chants, rather I am joined by my new friends & students in Hong Kong. It’s truly a dream come true, as I always desired traveling with my trade ~ now, I am doing it! This month I am leading the Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training for over 30 students.
Invited to come teach in Hong Kong by Jenny from Gecko Yoga, I realize that dreams come true when we align ourselves with the right people who love, adore & believe in us. Enjoy my hello from Hong Kong!

I’d love to hear what is your dream & who can you align yourself with to make it come true? Please leave me a comment below :)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

My Wednesday Walk ~ Be Present :)

As I prepared for my 3-week journey to Asia, I noticed that the busier I became, the easier it was to lose sight of the present moment. I found myself rushing, and in my haste I was breaking & misplacing things. I was able to easily recognize this so I paused, acknowledged it, and reminded myself to get present & appreciate each moment.
I have some special tools that I use to bring myself back into the present moment.

What are some ways that you get back in to the present moment? I’d love to hear from you ~ please leave a comment below.

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