Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have not gotten the "bill" or ticket for being off leash on the beach last week. Despite that lil set-back, Chants & I had a great morning romping at 'Tables' in Solana Beach, true boxer style.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tonight, after a great surfing session...I did what I have been doing for the past year and a half since I moved here. I got Chants & let him romp on the beach, play with the surfers, all while the sun is setting. As fun, freeing and beautiful as it is, it is illegal and tonight I got busted.

The beach we go to is San Elijo State Park, it is a kick-ass camp site right on the beach. Also the location of Shawn's camp store restaurant: Bull Taco. (website to come...)

Even though I spent my day, like I do every day, meditating, practicing 1.5 hours yoga, reading the spiritual Law of the Day, being graceful and grateful...I find myself pissed off & not able to let go of this one so easily. The ranger was such a bitch, she had an attitude filled with ego & authoritarianism. She wore plenty of armor but had no amour! You know the type?!

Just by writing this I feel my anger lifting. I will send her light, may she find positivity, freedom and happiness in her contribution to the world. That she is compassionate and heart-centered. Not that she didn't have to give me the citation, I broke the law, I get that!! But that she find non-violent ways to communicate. Come on, cant we all be on the same page, talk with respect to one another? How can we have peace in the world if it is not right here in our own homes?

Give thanks to the journal for freeing me up! Peace.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I never thought I would say it, but I am looking forward to summer being over. Actually, what I'm really looking forward to are the beaches here in Encinitas to get quiet again, when they aren't so crowded and packed with summer travelers. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, or attached to what isn't even's just that everything feels so congested, crowded, and busy during these summer months in San Diego. Of course it makes sense, and I get that it is the duality of living in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

This weekend, I stayed clear of the beaches and was blessed to spend time in the garden, and with good friends at home. We ate delicious home grown meals and laughed hysterically. I feel a strong sense of community and support in this town, even amidst the summer tourism.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dinner tonight was ravioli's with a yummy sauce I whipped up from the garden: garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, zucchini and basil. Of course I doused it in Parmesan cheese!

I ate my food outside where I sat in the beautiful yard I have created, with Chants by my side, solo. It's been a long while since I cooked just for myself, and I very much enjoyed it. I blessed the food, giving thanks to divine mother for creating such tasty miracles that we can grow and eat. I especially enjoyed the silence and found this to be a gift, an amazing opportunity to be fully connected and present with my chewing, eating, tasting and swallowing. Mindful eating, a true culinary experience

I completed my evening with another new ritual I love...a cold shower. My friend Nicole Hamory told me about it, said she did them during her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. It definitely gets my kundalini going! To me, the cold wakes up every single cell in my body, leaving me feeling energized, alert and alive both physically & mentallu. Turns out the benefits are historically therapeutic around the world.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I am back in California, and boy did I miss the west coast! I just spent the last week running around New York City, literally! Staying on the Upper West Side, I led 2 Next Generation Yoga Teacher Trainings at a studio in Times Square - locale where everyone the subway, to the office, to lunch, to a meeting, to meet a friend, to cross the street and so on - well that was me this past week.

I had an amazing time sharing my expertise of kids’ yoga with 18 women from around the country and one from the UK. Everyone was open, giving, present, connected and vulnerable...a miracle in so many ways.

Reuniting with friends & family was too so refreshing, fun, and much needed for all. All of the lunches, dinners, drinks & gatherings were filled with love, laughs and light.

Despite receiving the gift of practicing yoga in a public class setting daily, my body aches. Yoga helped my mind & spirit, but the practice was different that I am used to, I got to ‘fly’ & ‘base’ in Acro Yoga, so fun and challenging! The combination of using new muscles, walking the concrete jungle in Havaiana flip flops, and being restricted to an airplane seat for 7 hours has left me craving ocean air, beach walks, surf, swim, garden & home cooked healthy meals. I am off to indulge!

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