Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Not Perfect

During this past recent Teacher Training I led a demo class for 5-7 yr. olds with theme: Affirmations - which turned out way more powerful that I could have hoped for!!!

We began by each reading a colorful Manifest Your magnificence card & all stating out loud affirmations: I am unique! I am positive! I am compassionate! I am special! I am magnificent! We then played with donkey kicks & got out of our heads an into our bodies. Wheeeeeeee.... Next as the children rested in Childs Pose - I played the song I'm Not Perfect by Laurie Berkner.

When the song finished I asked if they were perfect - guess what, they all said they were. Like that is what I would want from them or that is who they are expected to be - perfect!? Not at all! I eased their minds! More donkey kicks, this time even more playful & free! Childs Pose & song again. Now they got it! Who wants to be perfect?! Not I nor them!

Consider the power of the word "prefect." What is the expectation or impression that we give off when we say to a child, "your doing it perfect." Does that mean other times they do something, are anything but perfect? What is perfect anyway? Who made up the perfect-o-dometer? Its like the word "normal." Is there a normal-o-meter? Bottom line, its useless, especially to growing, thriving kids!

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