Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reiki Reiki Reiki

David & I recently studied with 2 Reiki Masters and received our Level 1 Reiki Atunement - what a gift!!

I actually had never experienced a Reiki treatment, and wasn't quite sure exactly what it was. I was, however, feeling open and craving to learn something new. When I told a friend I was doing the training, she said "Oh your gonna love it! And your gonna want to Reiki everyone...your dog, your husband, your kids." Well I do and I am...I even Reiki my food!

Reiki is Divine Energy that once ignited, or atuned, it flows through you. The heat and magnet-like feeling that pours out of the palms is sacred. When I hold my hands over something desiring healing, there is a surge of energy that is so yummy and alive.

David & I are having fun with it, in fact he was so pooped from playing floor hockey the other day, he ran off the court and said "Reiki me!" And so I did. I Reiki'd his heart :)

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