Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My favorite place turned on me

I suppose it's my bad karma, because on Monday - Memorial Day - I was bit by a Doberman Pincher at Del Mar Dog Beach :(

My version of the story...Chants & I were leaving the beach when he & a Dobie (who was on a leash) met face to face. Chants pounced into Downward Dog (signifying play), when the owner released his dog to "play." The Dobie darted for Chants, barking & biting = dog fight! I got Chants out with only a few face scratches and a small puncture in his jowl - my foot got bit.

There is just nothing like witnessing a dog fight, the energy, the adrenaline...and of course getting bit along the way is no pleasurable pain.

Ive realized that I hardly ever get hurt. I've never broken a bone, been in a car accident, hospitalized or terribly sick - AMEN, I am blessed!

So what's my lesson I ask myself? Why the injury? What am I to learn from this awful experience? Yes, to stop and sloooooooowwwww down. I am. I'm laying horizontal all day, with my laptop in bed, cell phones & pooch by my side!

But I also am getting that people need people. Right now, Im immobile, I cant drive and I cant really walk or put pressure on my foot. How could I get to the Dr. appt or pick up anti-biotics without anther's help?

I just moved in with a housemate, perfect timing, because I imagine living alone with an injury is definitely not as fun! It feels incredibly amazing to have support from people, and to practice being vulnerable and to ask for help. Its ok to do!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Taking time to smell the flowers

I'm making my 3rd move since landing in North County, California. Up until now I HATED moving - schlepping, packing, feels like a waste of time to me, like I could be doing so many other things instead of putting things in boxes. Now it feels different. I down-sized when I left NYC, so I have less stuff to pack - now I am enjoying the organizing. Also, I feel lighter and non-attached.

NEW: For the first time in 15 years I will have a house-mate. I am open & embrace change.

My even greater news right now is that the house I am moving out of has the most delicious smelling rose bush peaking now - (I wish there was a way you could smell it online!) Lucky me, as I go through this transition, I get to take LOTS of deep smells of the roses. It's so invigorating, makes me giddy & high. I am so happy & grateful for mother earth - reminding me to stop, slow down, breathe & live!

Of course, Chants, being a dog - present as ever - he too loves the roses!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Letting go of my day...

I have a ritual that I do every day at the beach during sunset time: I let go of my day. I do so by casting rocks, shells, coral, whatever into the ocean, each throw representing something from my day that does not serve me. Like stress I had while sitting in traffic on my way to a meeting or judgement that I made during the meeting, etc etc.

I recapitulate the events of the day, by going over them with no attachment, just recalling what it was that I did, quickly, not in too much detail - and as I toss I let go of what is not affirming.

Then I breathe in what worked in my day & what I shall embrace & sanctify. I feel so light, free, full of gratitude!

I am so blessed to be living in such an amazing place where I get to do this!! Chants likes it too - he likes to chase the rocks into the ocean ;)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In Maryland for the Expo

As soon as I got off the plane in Baltimore, I recognized the familiar smell: east coast air. Thick & musty...The weather is warm here - smells & feels like NYC. My friend Jen says, there is no place that smells as yummy as Encinitas, CA. She is SO right! The difference in air quality is so clear to me right now. You can still smoke inside bars & restaurants here.

Its exciting to be here for the KBHE! I checked in with the Convention Center & the energy feels good. Many quality presenters to meet & learn from. AND its just fun to be at the Inner Harbor again.

Of course the time zone switcharoo is affecting me - to ground myself, I close my eyes & smell the buds from the lemon tree and then the tomato leaves.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I don't think I will ever get used to the magnificent site of the San Diego coastline. Imagine, commuting to work and along your side - ocean filled with surfers, white cap waves, big blue sky, palm trees, sand. Windows are rolled down, dog often is my co-pilot, head is always out the window.

Beautiful mountains are more inland, but even in Cardiff we have hills. Every time I drive up see an ocean view, glance to the west, feel the sea breeze - I just cant believe it! I cant believe I live in this natural beauty! Breathtaking, pure, simple, natural. Makes me so smiley! And physically, my skin, my nails, my hair all feel so healthy & strong.

Truthfully, Ive come to realize that I will only live where the natural environment is visually, physically, spiritually stimulating.

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