Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am Proud!

...was the affirmation card I picked today. The kids picked I am Powerful, I am Helpful, I am Positive, I am Flexible, I am a Genius, I am Important, I am Curious and I am Playful. Manifest Your Magnificence for Kids are amazing, colorful, meaningful affirmation cards that kids can really relate too!

After describing, discussing & relating to each affirmation - we did a yoga pose that correlated with the affirmation. For example, I am Powerful was Warrior II Pose, I am Helpful was partner Tree Pose. I am Positive was Camel Pose, I am Playful was Donkey Kicks. And so on...

The kids LOVED this class & took their cards home & plan to hang them in a special place to remind them that they are MAGNIFICENT!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Tonight @ 6:35pm

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth gets in the way of the sun’s light shining on a Full Moon and there appears to be a dark shadow moving across the Moon. The moon is usually associated with the past in astrology and whatever issues you need to clarify just think about them and don’t dwell on the past. Sometimes an eclipse signals the end of a relationship, sometimes the taking of a relationship to the next level and sometimes a change in marital status. All Full Moons bring matters to fulfillment. If you have been working on a business deal or looking for some kind of settlement, this eclipse could finalize things. A Full Moon heightens feelings and emotions anyway, but they will be even more so at a Lunar Eclipse.

Be present & observe! Watch like you are seeing a movie you LOVE! I know this is your life, and not a movie, but try not to attach, be easy on yourself!!

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Warrior not a Worrier

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing yoga with a 6 year old Birthday girl and 15 of her friends. When asked, wouldn't you know that at least 13 of them had done yoga before this day - truly AMAZING!!!

During the party, as always when I teach Warrior Pose, we stated affirmations. I asked the girls what a Warrior is, simultaneously doing Warrior I Pose and saying "Warriors are..." Waiting for a response from the group to fill in & then state "I am..." One of the girls shouted that "Warriors are strong!", we shouted "I am strong!" Someone else shouted "Warriors are boys!" I acknowledged & explained that Warriors can be girls too & we stated "I am a person!"

"Warriors are brave!" We chanted "I am brave!"

Then the cutest, sweetest, funniest, most innocent moment of the day...The birthday girl asked "How can worriers be brave if they worry so much?!" Huh? Great point, but oh she said "Worrier" not "Warrior." Of course, I cleared up the difference and continued on with what a Warrior is not a Worrier!

While the b-day girl learned exactly what a Warrior is, I learned not to take for granted what children know. When else has a 6 yr. old NYC kid been exposed to a Warrior? Not yet, so that was my cue to teach them! All a learning experience, always & forever!!

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