Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chantsy Pants & Zoomars

Thank you all so very much for your love, light & devotion to Chants. Its been just 4 days since his surgery & he is doing great! I have not yet got the biopsy results, but the VET left a voice message saying all good news...sigh, relief!

I went up to Zoomars Petting Zoo where I will be teaching Yoga Like a Llama. Very adorable, unique & sweet spot where Ill get to tie in education about animals & yoga poses & movement! So very cool!

I went up there (San Juan Capistrano) to take some pics for promotional use. Was VERY funny being in their pens!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Send him light!

I recently did a Yoga & Meditation Immersion, Opening to Grace with Tom & Trisha from Soul of Yoga. It was for sure life changing & like no other training Ive ever done before. 13 of us were present, connected & spontaneous with curriculum. We did Asana Yoga classes 2x a day, and lots of meditation throughout.

I am so excited to be deep in a meditation practice - I now feel so much more spiritually connected with spirit.

During immersion we did a healing meditation for a 6 day old baby who was in ICU. We sent her light, health, good energy & that her highest good happen. She went home few days later.

Amazing, truly precious.

Today I took Chants to the vet for a 2nd opinion on a Spindle Cell tumor(cancer.) He is having it removed on Tuesday, along with 2 other lil skin tags. This is CHants 4th surgery & as always, he'll be a champ.

Please join me in sending Chants light!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I live in one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Easily the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The weather is a perfect 76-80 degrees & no humidity. Breathing in the sea air, (daily!) I am present, alive, energized & spiritually aware.

Last week I began teaching yoga on the beach squished & splashed in the water & sand. Immediately, the kids were present & connected. We used our senses to explore on a meditation walk over beach rocks, up a bluff - at Ponto Beach. At the top there is a viewpoint & a fantastic compass drawing. N, S, W, E are each beautiful - so amazing! Three 10 yr. old girls and 2 NGY Student Teachers...we circled up at the spot where the land meets the sea. We held hands & plaques describing a piece of history & the environment of this California beach. Each plaque was an inspiration during our yoga experience.

Each moment was truly exquisite - especially when we inhaled our arms out & up overhead - there flew a flock of birds over head!

There is nothing like doing yoga at the beach, try it - I promise you'll love it!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Del Mar Fair

Since driving home on the 5 last night past the Del Mar Fair, I wanted to go. July 4th is the last day then comes the horse track!

This morning at Yoga practice, I connected with Emily & her daughter to go this afternoon - just for 2 1/2 hours, since they had other commitments.

$12 admission for adults, kids are free, we bought 30 tickets for rides at $20 - that's only about 5 rides worth. I went on an oldie & a goodie: Tilt a Whirl.

Sage enrolled me in going on a roller coaster - post "spiral fry's" - yuk! I hated the roller coaster! My mom almost fell out of a roller coaster in Coney Island, and that was the thought on my mind the whole time. It was crazy scary!

Best part of teh whole day was hugging Evan! YEP! He was wearing a shirt that said: FREE HUGS - we shared a hug, of course! How cool, 12 yr. old boy wearing such a bold statement!

The Del Mar Fair, or any amusement park type place is to kids what Vegas is to adults. Instead of betting, they have games - where you can win toys, stuffed animals vs. money. Drinks in Vegas are like the junk food at the fair. Both are money suckers, sin-city-ish yet a lot of fun!!

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