Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have fully embraced the energy of full moon fever. These past weeks feel so intense, so much happening, so much going on, I definitely live a FULL life.

My friend Amanda moved here from NYC, she & her doggy Dungee had a sweet integration to Encinitas and stayed with me until they found a home. Her drive across country & transition to So Cal lifestyle reminds me so much of me, it makes me realize that human beings really are more alike than I tend to think.

Last weekend I had an amazing experience training 5 special ed. therapists. These loving, committed, giving women will soon be offering yoga circles in their PT & OT therapy sessions, at a school in San Diego. My mission is to increase the number of kids doing yoga, I love that I am a vehicle to reach these children with special needs.

The NGY kids yoga DVD project continues to consume me. Its been less than 3 weeks post shoot, and I still am learning from the experience.

In celebratory dear friends Jen & Dave manifested a light being boy named Fynn Mendel Alban. I witnessed his Brit Millah/Bris yesterday and that was eye opening! I am Jewish and always appreciate hearing the meanings of this sacred ritual. All was beautiful and at peace, Mom & Fynn included!

I am excited for the summer days to come! Lots of beach yoga classes, surfing, gardening, traveling, creating, rejoicing!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It has taken me a full week to recover from the 2 day shoot I did last week for the Next Generation Yoga video. This being my first experience with video production, I never imagined so much intensity would be present. The learning is brilliant!

Thank goodness for the children, they were incredible. It was easy to go on set and do yoga with them, as they were so positive, eager and inspiring....they reminded me to stay connected, present & away from camera stress.

The footage is in my hands, and I get to now review it and pray it will come together, along with the magic of editing, to become a fantastic video that kids wont wanna stop doing!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NGY Video Out-Takes!

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