Monday, September 15, 2008

Too blessed to be stressed.

I just got out of the water, what an divinely beautiful experience...surfing in the Pacific Ocean while the sun is setting. Very inspiring, I love sunsets! It is a ritual of mine to recapitulate my days events, while the sun lowers. I bless the day and say goodbye to the date, for never will it be again. I did this on my surf board tonight.

I am so blessed. Even when daily life stressors show up, I am too blessed to be stressed.

I look west and there is an every color of the rainbow sunset. As it got darker, I saw a single bright star, probably a planet. I look east there is a vast deep night blue sky. The conditions were weak and Casey (surf buddy) and I were the only ones at the peak. Pure bliss! I was screaming, I have so much gratitude.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This Labor Day weekend while the local San Diego beaches were crowded with surfers and vacationers, I headed out of town with New Love & Chants. We went to the pit stop town on the way to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead - I've got a friend in Running Springs! Lynn Klopher is a also a colleague and is converting her home into a community retreat center. It is sacred space with mountain energy, quiet, crisp, clean air. We are creating a NGY Family Yoga retreat to happen this fall!!

What stands out most for me are how completely different the energies of the beach & the mountains are, and I how much I love them both.

We hiked a beautiful trail, and at a gorgeous lookout on the edge of a boulder I did Uttanasana (standing forward bend). Except for us, there was no one around. There was pure silence, with the golden ball of sun shining. The clouds moved fast, there was a a cool breeze. My breath and our Souls were all that could be heard.

After being away from the beach for 48 hours it felt delicious to get in the ocean. Chants & I romped in the white wash! Seeing the waves pealing, feeling the wet, smelling the coast damp air, it feels good to be back.

At Parkland, the retreat house.

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