Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am so grateful now!
I am so grateful now!
Every morning, I greet the day and say I'm so grateful now.
(Lyrics by Ron Franklin)

I personal challenging time, I feel so blessed to be in community with the friends and families I have met here in Encinitas. A special acknowledgment to Tom & Trisha who created Soul of Yoga, the magical center where I met many of these earth angels. The level of consciousness, love and support is enough to make me shift in less than 3 minutes :)

I have also been connecting with friends and family around the world. Amazingly positive and loving people. Through these rocky times, I am learning that I have extraordinary people in my life and that I am so grateful NOW!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My friend Ashley needed a player for her Beach Volleyball team tonight, ouch! I haven't played in at least 15 years, and now know why - every time I hit the ball I vibrated. Not like a yummy Om vibration, more like a konk on the head, ow pulsation! Sprinting in the sand, throwing my body around, and hitting the ball in pain is not fun for me. More players came & I opted out.

Ahhhh, I took Chants & lil Acesa (19 mo. old beautiful girl) to play in the waves crashing.

My body is my temple and I choose to move in ways that nourish me. Besides my horoscope warned me to be careful with my body this month.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I finally registered my car in California & let go of my NY license plates. Ah the shedding of layers from moving to the west coast. It's actually kind of funny how my car feels different having CA plates. I feel different!

I hung with an east coast friend yesterday and she asked me if people notice a change in me since Ive been living in San Diego. How can I not be different!? There is something that just magically happens when one spends so much time at the beach. The ocean is so medicinal, healing that is. Ive been surfing 5 days a week, and being thrown around, riding waves and floating in the warm summer water is all therapy for me.

My intention is to immerse myself in environments and with people who soothe and nourish my soul.

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