Thursday, October 15, 2009

1 Year Later

I recall this day last year so clearly...I was beginning a 28 day cleanse and completing 15 years of being on anti-depressants. Yep, it has been 1 year that I have been off, clean, clear, free of medication...I am so proud to share!!

Honestly, I'll say it has not been an easy road, being drug-free, yet I am certain that no drugs has me living my life in a whole new way that I love and appreciate so much. I am thrilled to say that my original intention remains true for me today: to feel & deal, and that is what I am doing.

So 1 year later, drug free and day 2 of another 28 day cleanse...I was greeted by my beloved with this card and beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spiritual Mastery

David & I went to study with Paul Ferrini on a Spiritual Mastery Retreat in Santa Fe last week. What a treat! The surroundings of the mountains are gorgeous, the people high vibration, loving and conscious, the work deep and healing.

Paul's work, as I described in an early post, is called Real Happiness. I learned the distinction that this sort of "Happiness" is not the emotion we typically use to describe as feeling good. Rather it is a state of consciousness that we embrace when we have love & compassion for ourselves and our present experience. So regardless of my situation, joyful or painful, can I love myself and have compassion for what is happening. I ask myself the question "Am I loving myself right now?" If yes, then I am experiencing Real Happiness. If no, then can I bring love to the experience.

The work is very deep and transformational - I am committed to doing it. I have signed on to meet weekly with a mentor, attend residential retreats and another Spiritual Mastery course in January 2010. My intention is to become a certified Real Happiness Teacher and share this work with children and families.

After 5 days of healing and lots of processing, David treated me to 24 hours at Ten Thousand Waves - a divine Japanese Spa nestled in the mountains of Santa Fe. We indulged in deep tissue massages, a private bath house, a salt glow treatment and a romantic nights sleep. Oh, and he also gifted me a gorgeous yellow citrine crystal necklace.

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