Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today I taught 3 kids yoga classes on the theme of "eggs". For no other reason, except I love to incorporate shaky eggs in the yoga class & it felt just right for spring.

We began the class closing our eyes & visualizing an egg, any shape, size, color we wanted. I asked the question imagine "what comes out of this egg? It could be anything you choose it to be..." Here are just some of the responses...a bird, a chic, a penguin, a dog, egg yolk, a turtle/tortoise, a jaguar. For each of these ideas we began by shaping our bodies into a little pose as if inside and protected by a shell. Imagine.

We beautifully and slowly transitioned to the next phase of life being this animal as if it were the first time coming out of our shell!

This theme is so clever. The classes were filled with learning points, traditional yoga poses, breathing, self-expression, affirmation, and so much more than I could have imagined, and we did!

Monday, April 28, 2008

NGY Video

I'm super excited, just 1 week from today and we'll be shooting the 1st Next Generation Kids Yoga video. I've had this treasure in me for a long time, and it feels pretty good letting it up and out.

Of course it is crunch time, a lil stressful, intense and of course the time when magic happens!! So, I am putting it out there to the world...I would love to have at least 3 more yoginis in this video. Do you know anyone between ages 6-12 who would like to participate in the filming? Oh what fun we are having creating this beach themed yoga DVD.

Details are...
Location of shoot: San Diego, CA
Dates: May 5th & 6th (yes, these are school days!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

What a wild & crazy time in life it is! In my past 18 hours, I was a witness to a hit & run drunk driving accident and walked on the shores where a 66 yr. old triathlete was just fatally attacked by a great white shark, yes here in San Diego!

My friend asked me today, "so what can I learn from all this?"

It's clear to me that life is short and so so precious. That at on my very next breath, life as we know it could change forever, or end so quickly!

So with the horror, negativity, I understand that our life is based on duality. That will the good, we have the bad. I choose to recognize the gifts in my life, especially those during this last day.

Yesterday was my birthday (I am now 34!) I received so many loving phone calls, text messages, emails gifts & cards from family & friends near and far away - that feels good, thank you!

On this day, I also was given the gift of teaching 12 pre-teen boys (all with a "learning disability") a yoga class at the Chopra Center. It was a transforming experience for all. For the kids & teachers, it was many of their first time practicing yoga, so turning their attention inside was mind-expanding for them. I know this because when I asked how they were feeling, one boy said "connected to my inner-awareness." Recently, I have been studying the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher Training and loved sharing Sanskrit mantras, chakras and principles for success, according to Deepak Chopra.

I also celebrated at a lunch party including a yummy salad from my garden!

Lots & lots of gifts tucked in my last day of madness..."I am so grateful" is certainly my mantra.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I had a joyful experience sharing yoga with parents & educators at the CCPPNS convention in Irvine. Basically a gathering of families & teachers who support early childhood education in an engaging, hands-on, participatory way. I was invited to teach a Family Yoga class - so great!

Most of the children had been inside all day, at child-care, while their parents went to workshops & studied. What an amazing thing for children to witness...that their parents are students & thirsty to learn too!

We did a lot of gross motor poses, balanced with quiet stillness, Yoga & Music Routines(TM), Sun Dances and family yoga bonding. Relaxation time felt so intimate.

I blessed this day at the beach in Laguna with the sun setting, dolphins feeding and beautiful company.

Pics to come!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am a Loving, Authentic and Vulnerable Leader - this is my contract with you and the universe! Affirmations are so powerful, I post them in my bathroom, on my altar & by my bedside. They call me to my power.

In preparation for shooting the video, co-producers came to my NGY class yesterday. They gave me this feedback: that not only was I teaching children about yoga, the physical poses & breathing, relaxation, etc. but that I was instilling affirmations for a lifetime. They witnessed the children as free to express themselves, happy, safe and in their bodies.

At the end of the class, after savasana, we individually declared an affirmation and together repeated them...I am excited...I am powerful...I am bright like the sun...

I love these affirmation cards for kids!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

When I moved to California, I dreamed of a house with a yard, where I could grow food in a garden, nap on a hammock, chill by a fire pit and eat at a picnic table.

Right now, so it is...

This past week I truly embraced my vision for my outdoor living. My garden is filled with fresh herbs, various kinds of lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, lemon & Japanese cucs, 3 kinds of squash, peas, strawberries, corn and a whole lotta lotta love. Digging beds, tilling soil (especially Encinitas soil!), designing a garden is no easy gig. It requires creativity, patience, strength and focus. All of which I embraced in building this garden.

I am in awe of how plant life grows, that a gorgeous sunny day gives so much energy that I can actually witness the growth. That a lil drink of water perks up bok choy instantly and that sweet smelling organic compost is like a rich lush hug. There is truly nothing I enjoy more than eating food I grow.

If you look closely in the photos, you will see the fire pit, hammock and picnic table too have joined my life!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I had the most beautyFULL phone conversation with Next Generation Yoga Teacher, Kathryn, last night. She was sharing with me how inspired she is because of her present passion: Acro Yoga. She has been taking classes for about a year, completed their teacher training and is now teaching this acrobatic style yoga class.

I asked Kathryn if she was still passionate about teaching kids yoga? She was downright super positive about it.

What was meaningful about our talk was that we shared how we both love to explore personally, to grow, learn, shift, change. Of course there are challenges along the way, but we are in agreement, we love to learn always, infinitely, and eternally will we be this way.

I expressed how bold, humble and free I feel learning to surf and even with my BUSY schedule I enrolled in the Chopra Centers Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher Training. Woohhhoooo!

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