Monday, May 18, 2009

Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women

I took this workshop this past weekend and realize it was an amazing way to spend the weekend before our wedding. In fact it was one of the best wedding gifts we have received thus far!

Some may fear that taking a workshop about Men may be all about man bashing. Quite the contrary. Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women is about putting down the sword & committing to no longer emasculate men. Honoring men for who they are, how they are wired and accepting men for being men. Emasculating can mean anything from those kids shirts: "Boys drool, Girls rule" to stereotyping men for being couch-potatoes. It exists, and sadly, our culture doesn't even realize half of it.

I learned about the less obvious differences between men and women, and how we think, operate and feel differently. Often times women, me included, want men to be like an ideal women, and they just can not! I learned that men are single-focused, problem-solvers, providers by nature and lovers at heart. I gained a greater understanding of how men communicate, listen and hear and how I can do so effectively...getting what I want.

Like, I said, this course was the perfect pre-wedding weekend workshop for me. And for so many other women, they were inspired and determined to save their relationships.

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