Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I had the most incredible journey this summer along the coast of cali - drove from San Diego to San Francisco along Route 1!

Highlites include: beach everyday, dolphin sitings, seal swimmings, yoga yoga yoga, new moon gathering, making new friends, connecting with old friends, fresh produce heaven, reggae music, and so much more!

What impressed upon me the most was the way everything changed as I traveled north. The weather got significantly cooler & foggy-er. The coastline interchanged with small sand beaches to massive rock & boulders. Dunes varied from suculant landscapes, sand to rock. Each community felt different - my favorite being North County - San Diego! Most interesting to me was the way my psoriasis changed. Down south (again SD!) my dry skin was loving the sun & salt water whereas up north in the cold - it worsened, got scaley & red :(

People told me that this would be a trip that I would always remember - a trip everyone should do in their lifetime! Would love to hear from anyone who has driven the coast via the 1!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Camping with Chants

For those of you who have had the privledge to meet Chants, you'll get what I am saying immediately: Chants was in all his glory this weekend when my friend Jen, her boyfriend, Chants & I went camping in the Pocono's - (Hickory Run State Park.) We hiked, swam, bbq'd, napped, ate & camped at a dog-friendly campground!

Chants was so fun to be with & had us hysterical laughing most of the trip.

First of all - wherever, whenever Chants was looking for a place to sit, he would sit on US! Any part of us - including my head at one point!!! Imagine, me laying down on my belly & Chants comes and sits on my head. He has no clue what is so funny or goofy. Humble dog!!

Chants made friends wherever he went. Kids LOVED him - and he loved them. He is so sweetnatured with children. They all think he is Chance from Homeward Bound. ;)

Like his momma, Chants loved swimming in the dam water - quiet, crystal clear water, deep, he was even jumping in to the water to swim with us!! He was unstoppable!

Boulder Field was a lil tough on his knees & arthritis. But I definitely recommend you check it out!!

Best thing about Chants that I connected with this weekend is that he is present! Really - its was mezmorizing for me to watch him & imagine what he is thinking - he was thinking nothing more than about what he was thinking about at that very present moment. How refreshing!!

To me, he is a reminder to be present all the time.

Thanks for reading - Pics from the weekend are coming - check back soooooon!!!

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