Thursday, June 04, 2009

I did it!!

"I did it" were the 3 words I said after we stomped on the glass which completed our wedding ceremony. I married my beloved last week, on May 25th in Sedona Arizona and I am so happy I did it! What a beautiful ceremony and celebration we had.

David & I wanted our wedding weekend to be filled with quality family time, so that our parents and siblings could connect and get to know each other. Our time together was more than what we ever imagined was possible. There was so much joy, love and laughter. Together we meditated, hiked the Red Rocks of Sedona, drummed in a circle, saw many rainbows, toasted many Mazel Tov's and created a weekend memory we'll always cherish as pure love. It was exactly as we wanted it to be and we know we are so blessed.

David & I continued the fun by honeymooning in the Grand Canyon. We kicked it off with white water rafting on the Colorado River, followed by 3 days of backpacking, hiking and camping. We learned that less than 1% of all visitors to the canyon actually descend and climb back up. We...did it!! Our treat and icing on this cake was a night at The Boulders Spa & Resort in Phoenix filled with wine, massages, saunas, steams, pool and a lot of R & R!!

I'm finding myself at a loss of words to truly express how awesome these 10 days were. I trust the pics do it justice.

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