Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth...

Ive been quite the busy one lately, with so much to be grateful for. Over the last 2 1/2 weeks, I had the honor to study with Deepak & Dr. Simon at Journey into Healing (an Ayurveda immersion.) My brother, Barry, and my cousins, from NY, came for a visit and I honored them with a gathering of food, friends and jamming music.

This past weekend, I co-led a beautiful Family Yoga retreat with Tom & Trisha, Soul of Yoga, at Warner Hot Springs. Finally, as I type this I am in New York City connecting with family, spending quality time with my new nephew JJ and big sister Lia.

Monday, February 11, 2008

This morning...

I was headed to the beach with Chants, driving in Cardiff when I experienced heart-ache...the SUV in front of me hit a dog running in the street. OYE! I saw it all, can still see it now...the lil white shaggy dog running with his leash dragging. There was another dog too that ran in the street, a chocolate lab, but was not hit. This medium size doggy was.

I stopped my car, left it parked in the middle of the street, and got out to give it light & love. My legs straddled around the doggy, my hand on its heart, my other hand massaged it's neck. It lay still, breathing & heart beating fast. Others drove by looking, a few stopped, one gentleman called for help, thank you!

Finally the woman who's dog it was came over. She is Mexican, does not speak English & is in shock. Not much emotion, she can not recall the dogs name nor does she want to hold or touch the dog the way I do. The woman who hit the dog is also Mexican the two women speak in Spanish.

Out of no-where, the dogs heart just stopped beating on my hand, I continued to hold the baby, my heart & stomach were aching. Finally, maybe 15 minutes after the strike, a police officer showed up. He called animal services. The owner of the dog is still distant, I hug her and ask her if she wants to say a prayer or do anything for her dog.

Feeling super queezy, I choose to continue to my morning to get coffee & walk Chants on the beach. Less than 1 hour later, I drive back that way and the dog is still there, left where I covered him with a towel. WHAT! Why has no one come for this dog. Where is the owner. I am sick and must do something.

I call animal services, it's after 9am and they are closed! WHAT! Finally, I get a human on the phone, they let me know I need to call an animal removal service, and that is what I do.

Please join me in sending light & love to this doggy, mommy & family.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Encinitas Yoga & Surf Mecca

How cool to be living in such an inspiring community where yoga is the culture. It's more common than not that if you live in North County San Diego you surf and do yoga, or at least have tried them at one time in your life. Being a yoga teacher and living in Encinitas, the town with the most yoga studios per capita in the US, and learning to surf...I am at home.

The media thinks so too...this month Encinitas magazine, they featured a full spread on all the local studios. In Vision magazine, I expressed my perspective on kids yoga.

Pic is of local favorite surfer yogini: Kira Nevaeh.

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