Friday, June 29, 2007

NY sChity

Being here during the hot summer reminds me of the smells I do NOT miss! Oh my goodness - this city STINKS! I'm like a dog with so many pungent smells, all of the time!

Besides the frequent stank of hot pavement & steamy air, there is the every-now-and-again intense odor of dog urine, basting from the sun. Today, I saw a dog burying his nose in the piss on the street.

I rode the subways & there is the muggy underground smell. And, of course, the smell of people soup when on a subway car with no AC.

Garbage bags, waiting for sanitation pick-up, roasting in the heat.

When I went to record in my brothers studio in China Town on Grant Street, located between 2 Asian markets, it smelled like fishy diesel!

To be fair, I also had the opportunity to experience foreign smells in Jersey too this trip - my home state! I went on a friends water-ski boat on the Raritan River & that was stinky - wreaked of rotten eggs, sulphur...Believe it, I did swim in it as it was moderately refreshing...

Please don't send me hate mail, I love NJ & NYC, they will always be home & I'll always return, no matter what it smells like. Now, I'm just looking forward to California smells!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sunscreen Dance by the Swingset Mamas

How cool is new favorite kids yoga song, Sunscreen Dance by the Swingset Mamas is being used by the Environmental Protection Agency for their SunWise Program. SunWise is an educational program that teaches kids in schools & communities about the sun & safety. The Swingset Mamas are 2 AWESOME MOMMAS who I personally know & LOVE! Rock on Lizzy & Marlowe!

Here's link to activities to do with kids in yoga class or wherever related to this topic. I know for me now living in California where the sun is always shining - its so very important to protect the skin. AND - since Chants is fair & has sensitive skin, I apply Baby Sunscreen 50 - yes, he has actually gotten sunburn.

BTW - my brother Barry is in the Swingset Mamas band, so you gotta buy this cd!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the dog bite and I still can't put weight on the foot. When I was laying there looking at the cut on the beach that day & thinking about how long Id be hurt for, I had no idea Id still be in pain this long!

2 shots, 2 anti-biotics, 2 weeks - hello patience, slow down, rest! These are challenging days.

I want to share with you the most incredible experience I had pre-dog bite: WATSU. Absolutely, amazingly sensual, blissful, harmonious experience - in a magical pool in Oceanside. Its like nothing I have ever experienced before, and until you do, neither have you. Dave's pool has an immense amount of crystals in it, and is surrounded by the mystical landscaping & more.

I was floated by my new dear friend Jory Castleburg - he's a healer, and I am so blessed to have the experience with him. And he does donation only.

I dreamed I was swimming with wild dolphins that night!

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