Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wildfires 2007

First, thank you for your support in not only checking in on me but for your prayers for the firefighters battling the wildfires and for those who have been evacuated & who's homes have burned. Please do not stop your meditation now as we need the group conscious power to save mother earth.

Personally, I am safe, no mandatory evacuation for Encinitas, where I live (which is on the coast). The closest fire is just 15 miles and therefore we do have awful air quality to breathe. We cope by wearing masks and staying inside. The area feels like a ghost town as so many have left to go where the air quality is better, though driving and traffic is not pleasant either. Schools have been closed and they have not announced when they will reopen. So many businesses too are affected, as we are advised to stay home. Southern California has such an outdoor lifestyle (restaurants, coffee shops, etc...), so sadly we are all affected.

Besides the local nasty air, my house is full of soot & ash inside & out - I ignorantly slept with the windows open the first night of the fires – DUH!! I have not opened my windows nor have I brought myself to clean house yet.

Obviously, I am SO grateful for my personal circumstance, and at the same time so devastated for those people who have lost their homes. I've lived through 9-11, the NYC blackout, so many terrorist threats, but this is my 1st time experiencing a natural disaster. Which do I prefer? None, of course!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

More New Beginnings

This week I moved (again!), into a sweet house in Encinitas. It's amazing, since living in California (only 10 month now) I have moved 4x already - thats more than I ever moved living in NYC for 15 years. This house is long term, I know it, I feel it, I want it. It's got a huge yard which I plan to have a veggie garden, a fire pit, hammock & lots of friendly gatherings. It's got great energy and I am grateful for this abode.

As with all moves, comes stress...the packing, the actual physical moving, unpacking, etc. But now I am in & my dear friend Lorrie supported me in letting go of my stress & making my space "mine" with sage. By way of ritual, I smudged and released old energies & spirits from every room, closet, draw, corner, nook & shelf. Very cool to see the swirls, streams & wafts of smoke move & travel out with the old, stale energy. Clean & clear is my space, available for me.

Symbolically, I moved on the night of the new moon, and today as I write this it's raining. My mother always said, rain was perfect for new moving days as it washes away the old, cleans & prepares for new beginnings! Amen to new beginnings.

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