Friday, August 17, 2007

Save Cardiff

I have known it since I moved here...but got so thrilled today about what a gemstone of a place I am living in: Cardiff by the Sea. Despite that there is 1 starbucks, the vibe is super friendly, positive and laid back. Founded in 1911, its one of the few authentic, rootsy, surfer beach towns left. I love it, since I am either barefoot or in flip flops all day long!

Sadly, I learned today that Cardiff is in danger!! There is a Specific Plan for its adorable, cute landmarked downtown 6 block area to be rebuilt with residential units on top of commercial/office/professional structures. Yucky! Like most, Id hate to see that happen. That means losing its unique charm, character & community feel!

Save Cardiff by the Sea!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I humbly chose to not go to the San Juan Islands this past week & instead stayed local in my opinion the most beautiful place in the country: North County, San Diego. With my traveling to NYC, Teacher Trainings and doggy surgeries, these past 2 months, I just wanted to stay put right here right now. I am sad & disappointed that I missed kayaking, camping, playing with Orcas & connecting with 5 spiritual fems...I just felt the timing to travel on a plane, ferry & more for a rustic rugged week, the timing was not right for me. I will definitely go on a Sea Quest. Besides, people travel from all over the world to vacation here, so I did too.

I enjoyed & embraced life this week, including daily: ocean swims, yoga, meditation, fresh veggie juice and full on Jodi time. I tried surfing, went sailing, hiked Torrey Pines, treated myself to a facial, had quality fun time with friends & ate lots of yummy healthy foods!

It's Sunday night & I am looking foward to getting back to "work" & my everyday life. I know my life is blessed when at the end of a GREAT vacation I cant wait for tomorrow!

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