Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Did Ya Know??!

Gosh it's been soo long, tool long since I've blogged. Why is that...Because life just gets in the way, there's always something that needs/gets to be done. I realize that I haven't shared with the blog world about my BIG move!!! I am moving to north County/San Diego!!

I bought my 1st car & am driving with Chants & my brother Barry across the country - something I have never done & always wanted to do! In change-mode, I get to explore all that is personally and professionally possible for me. IÂI'vee lived on the east coast since I was born and am ripe for my next chapter..withh a slower pace, beautiful climate, earthy lifestyle and my all time favorite: the beach! YEP, I’ll get to teach kids yoga right on the beach!

FYI - NGY teachers will continue to share yoga with kids and families in New York, while I spread NGY's mission – joyful, playful, self-expression for children – out west.

Will for sure write again sooner, from the road. Now back to packingking...Love, Love

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