Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Tonight @ 6:35pm

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth gets in the way of the sun’s light shining on a Full Moon and there appears to be a dark shadow moving across the Moon. The moon is usually associated with the past in astrology and whatever issues you need to clarify just think about them and don’t dwell on the past. Sometimes an eclipse signals the end of a relationship, sometimes the taking of a relationship to the next level and sometimes a change in marital status. All Full Moons bring matters to fulfillment. If you have been working on a business deal or looking for some kind of settlement, this eclipse could finalize things. A Full Moon heightens feelings and emotions anyway, but they will be even more so at a Lunar Eclipse.

Be present & observe! Watch like you are seeing a movie you LOVE! I know this is your life, and not a movie, but try not to attach, be easy on yourself!!

More info at http://www.astrology-source.com/lunar.htm

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