Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am Proud!

...was the affirmation card I picked today. The kids picked I am Powerful, I am Helpful, I am Positive, I am Flexible, I am a Genius, I am Important, I am Curious and I am Playful. Manifest Your Magnificence for Kids are amazing, colorful, meaningful affirmation cards that kids can really relate too!

After describing, discussing & relating to each affirmation - we did a yoga pose that correlated with the affirmation. For example, I am Powerful was Warrior II Pose, I am Helpful was partner Tree Pose. I am Positive was Camel Pose, I am Playful was Donkey Kicks. And so on...

The kids LOVED this class & took their cards home & plan to hang them in a special place to remind them that they are MAGNIFICENT!!!

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