Sunday, August 06, 2006

Camping with Chants

For those of you who have had the privledge to meet Chants, you'll get what I am saying immediately: Chants was in all his glory this weekend when my friend Jen, her boyfriend, Chants & I went camping in the Pocono's - (Hickory Run State Park.) We hiked, swam, bbq'd, napped, ate & camped at a dog-friendly campground!

Chants was so fun to be with & had us hysterical laughing most of the trip.

First of all - wherever, whenever Chants was looking for a place to sit, he would sit on US! Any part of us - including my head at one point!!! Imagine, me laying down on my belly & Chants comes and sits on my head. He has no clue what is so funny or goofy. Humble dog!!

Chants made friends wherever he went. Kids LOVED him - and he loved them. He is so sweetnatured with children. They all think he is Chance from Homeward Bound. ;)

Like his momma, Chants loved swimming in the dam water - quiet, crystal clear water, deep, he was even jumping in to the water to swim with us!! He was unstoppable!

Boulder Field was a lil tough on his knees & arthritis. But I definitely recommend you check it out!!

Best thing about Chants that I connected with this weekend is that he is present! Really - its was mezmorizing for me to watch him & imagine what he is thinking - he was thinking nothing more than about what he was thinking about at that very present moment. How refreshing!!

To me, he is a reminder to be present all the time.

Thanks for reading - Pics from the weekend are coming - check back soooooon!!!

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