Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still in N'Walins

Hey all - because of the bad weather down south, ice storms in Texas, we have been held up with driving west towards Austin...not a bad place to be held up, REALLY! I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!!

I had the amazing opportunity to google upon Wild Lotus Yoga studio - Sean Johnson of the Wild Lotus band is the owner & I also found Leslee teaching the kids yoga classes there, she took my TT almost 4 years ago! I joined her & NOLA yoginis for a 1 hour yoga class today - it was so sweet to be in their presence! It was also nice to be in the class with a teacher I trained & see her offer NGY techniques & teachings that I shared with her so many years ago! Yep, that's us in the pic!

All else is great in New Orleans, ready to get back on the road & head west to SO CAL!!

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