Sunday, February 04, 2007

Its been way too long - here I am! i have been through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & arrived in North County of San Diego January 20th. Specificity in Leucadia, on Avocado Street near Grandview Beach. Chants LOVES it here as do I! The beaches, the weather & vibe are all outrageous! Life is simply BEAUTIFUL! I have been sans computer & internet - challenging and inconvenient for a business woman looking for a place to live. So much has gone on & I am so excited with my life here in cali!

Before I go on, I am asking for your love & prayer for my Mother - Rookie, Rainbow, Ruby. She has been struck with Bells Palsy - paralysis of the side of her face due to a virus. Please pray for her - may she heal soon, quickly & painlessly. May she continue to be courageous with light & joy in her life. You can imagine its challenging being away from family, I miss them, especially during this time.

I did a Teacher Training in Encinitas at the last weekend - 10 amazing, creative loving kids yoga teachers join on this path. Ill get to work with many of them now doing student teaching, mentorship program with NGY. ALl very new & exciting too!

Like I said, I have no computer (mines at the DR. in NYC)- and no internet service at my lil rental beach cottage - perhaps thats my teaching for slowing down!

So...Super Bowl Sunday - we went on a GORGEOUS hike at Lake Cuyimaka. Inland, south/east is so BIG - abundant. I have so many opportunities, possibilities in this life - we all do! Just by choosing, really - we are blessed!

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