Saturday, March 31, 2007

Home for the Holiday

Its Passover, Easter & for many...Spring Break, a time for spring cleaning, new beginnings & travels! My family invited me home for the Jewish holiday, to be together as we always do. My heart said yes, my head said no - simply because I have plans to travel in April to Seattle, May to Baltimore & June to NY, all for work. I've only lived in Cali for 10 weeks now & traveling so much, I know for me - is challenging physically & emotionally.

BUT...OWTF, Life is happening NOW and I live in the present. Who knows what tomorrow brings, I do not take life for granted, I live life fully! This all came super clear to me too, after speaking on the phone with my lil neice this afternoon. I decided today, the day of, to get on a flight & go home for the holiday. I choose to follow my heart & be with my family, and not let the story of how I could/may/might feel in the future when its time to travel again.

Wow- Jodi, so great to find your journal and what a surprise to find you are now in CA! I relocated to LA almost 2 years ago from South Florida and am still "settling in". Welcome! I hope your spring trip home is enjoyable! I took a training with you in 02 and currently teach Kinder in a South LA charter school which has a partnership with YogaEd. om shanti~ peg
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