Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Design the Life I Desire

Again today, I am in gratitude for being in love & at peace with the life I have created for myself. This morning I woke up after 3 days of NGY TT and catching a cold, I spent my Sunday morning composting, planting 4 different kinds of tomatoes, yummy strawberries, colorful flowers & local succulents. All the while in the gorgeous weather, quiet in the yard within southern Cali nature: birds singing, wind breezing - the angel-water fountain running. OK, OK, I can hear a slight murmur of the 5 - but I like to think of it as the eternal sound of Ohm :)

Of course, my dog, Chants is right by my side. He is, dogs are, the best company a human can have. He keeps me entertained & laughing out loud! Today he found a fallen avocado, a lil rotted, but he nibbles, licks & mouths it until he can find the good spots to eat away! Yes, Chants too loves the avocado tree!

I give thanks to a humbling experience I had last summer when my boyfriend & I broke up. It was he who opened my eyes to gardening. We planted lots together, I realized what an earthy woman I am. I got the love & peace of gardening. I offer thanks to this man who led me to this path. Ahhh, and in my choice to recreate a home this year - I designed an amazing life I desired.

They say that moving is up there as the top 3 biggest stressors in life, along with death & divorce. Lonely am I? Of course, the natural amount anyone would have with a move across country away from home, family & friends. I am so happy here with this new & exciting life! And I am confident & clear in where I am at, no looking back! In fact, this time in my life is a once in a lifetime moment. Never again will I have this day. I am present and trust that in time, at the right time, I am in abundant relationships. including a deeply romantic & connected one. Until then, I live in the present & love my life as it is today!!

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