Sunday, March 11, 2007

Life is Good

I love the weekends here in San Diego - everyone is out and about doing something in the great outdoors. So full of life & YAY we have more sunlight to enjoy!!!

Here's what I did...

Saturday I went on a fun-kid filled hike with new friends Debbie & Paul, Kai & Shae - & of course Chants & his new pal Lai Lani. I met them about 1 hour inland at an ecological reserve in Crest - this 3 yr. old reserve was started after a fire swept through SD county, the oak trees are endangered. Its GORGEOUS and oh so QUIET...

I started my Sunday at Del Mar dog beach - I think it was 80 outside, sun & few clouds... the beach was super crowded, a taste of what it will be like during the summer! Chants (and every dog there) are in heaven running around on the sand & waves crashing. amongst the few who brave the ocean with the dogs, I find it incredibly delicious!! I run with Chants into the water crashing, he hops over the waves - he & I both love it!

This afternoon I climbed my avocado tree & collected A LOT of avocados - tomorrow I make my 1st time guacamole. They are the yummiest avos Ive ever had, I am so blessed - especially because I get to pick them! By far, my favorite thing in the whole wide world is to eat food straight from the earth - that I picked, grew - fresh growing fruits & veggies. I began composting today.

Tonight I taught with Tom & Trish at the Soul of Yoga - so fun. We had lil toddlers in the group. We did lots of hammock swinging & carpet rides...I loved being with the moms & dads and their beautiful loved ones. Truly the look on their faces as their kids did anything was so full of light! Joy, joy, joy we have joy, we have joy is the chant that Tom played on the harmonium tonight!

Life is good


`All I can say is WOW. I am so happy for you and Chantz. You make is all sound so easy.

I love to read about how you two are doing and the pictures are great. Like you I'd spend as much time at the beach as I could but I'd be fishing :)

All my love - Jeffrey
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