Monday, March 05, 2007

NGY in Cardiff Public School - TODAY!

I was buzzing all day from the experience I shared with 19 3rd graders in a Cardiff elementary school today. A new Friend & NGY Student Teacher, also a retired school teacher, Marci (Miss) Pilati brought me to her former school to introduce yoga to a group of 9 yr. old kids.

As we moved & warmed up our bodies I asked & shared with the children what is yoga, where it comes from & why we do it. They experienced firsthand their breath, controlling it - one boy even found it gave him a headache! LOL!!

I felt like I was in a room full of sponges soaking up yoga!

We did a NGY Yoga & Music Routine to the Airplane Song - which they LOVED! I wasn't sure cause they were 9 yr.'s old but boy Laurie Berkner rocks!

Here is feedback from the teacher: "The kids loved the yoga. They talked about it all afternoon. One little boy asked if they could do the corpse pose everyday. (Keep in mind he made up that name, I never say "corpse pose!") The kids who were most enthralled were the Mexican children. Thank you."

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