Friday, March 02, 2007

Welcome to Paradise!

That is the sign that I will hang in my new home! It truly is breath-taking here & to say I am loving California livin' is an understatement!

Chants & I just got back from sunset at “dog beach” which has become a daily ritual for Chants & I. Think beach, tons of dogs off leash swimming, fetching, frolicking...and the gorgeous golden sun settling down in to the ocean. Ahhhh, makes me take lots of deep breaths , get present, & simply love living life!

I have landed in a GORGEOUS funky lil surfer town called Cardiff by the Sea. It's part of Encinitas county just north of Solana Beach. I am walking distance to the beach which I have found a PERFECT way to begin the day! The place I am renting is a 1-bedroom free-standing house behind another. It has 2 avocado trees, 1 lemon tree, a huge front yard (fenced) for Chants & I will plant a flower & vegetable garden. I got exactly what I wanted! Oh & best of all I am paying just less than 1/2 of what I was paying in NYC.

I have also been blessed to connect with the Soul of Yoga where I will be starting up a NGY program and also offering Teacher Trainings this spring & summer! The community at SOY is so loving, open, embracing & supportive! Everyone has been so gracious with my arrival. Did you know that Encinitas has the most yoga studios per capital than any other place in the world? Email me to find out why!

I am particularly excited to work with Trisha & Tom (founders of SOY) and newly trained NGY Teachers!

OK, so much to do, so little time, I'm off! Who else cant wait for day light savings!!!

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