Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy 33 to me!

I read that my 33rd year of life is going to be a special one, filled with significant change. Cool! It's a good thing I LOVE change. Before I left NYC, I got together with girlfriends & we talked about CHANGE. Most resist change. I embrace it! What about you, dhow are you with change?

Its apparent that change is present in my life: NYC to SD, way away from home, living on the beach, meeting new people, sharing yoga with Cali kids, could life be any more different for me? I also read that moving is one of the top 3 stressors in life, the other 2 being divorce & death.

Ahh, the life! Why not, THINK BIG!

On my 33rd birthday, it is a honor & a gift for me to share my life with you! Thank you for reading my blog, for being in my life & sharing the love. It is to you that I offer blessings, peace & love.

Hooray! Happy birth-DAY!
Don't forget to make a big fat wish!!! I hope it is a magical day for you!
Dearest Jodi,
We are so blessed to have you in California with us- helping to bring light to so many people. We love you and are very thankful for YOU today!!!
With love,
Julie Iraninejad

I have loved reading your blog, and have discovered it as I started my own blog, or rather, my daughter's blog. I was a part of your teacher training in NYC many years back and really learned the love of kids yoga from you. I am so grateful to you for that, it has helped me through my years of teaching kids yoga, and now through my daughter's illness as well. We have spent many a night breathing and meditating together. I love your wonderful blog, you rock girl! Love, Kim P
Hi Jodi! Thanks for sharing your stories and gifts ~ very uplifting and motivating :-)

Jennifer Davis
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