Saturday, April 28, 2007

Taking care of ME!

Despite practicing yoga & drinking a home-made organic mixed green juice, I was feeling low energy this morning. After I taught a noon family yoga class, made work phone calls, Chants & walked through the Encinintas annual street fair. Lots & lots of goodies including original artwork, crafts, jewelry, tshirts, etc. I was most interested in plants - so I bought succulents to plant.

After the fair, was doggy beach. On the way home I picked up soil, and committed to being quiet & meditative the rest of the late afternoon & evening.

I happily planted till it got dark out, then made a fire, ate a healthy dinner, put on a face mask, took a lavender bath, body scrub, music & candles. Lotion & desert completed the night!

I felt SO much better than earlier today. I needed this rejuvenation time. From traveling to Seattle for Teacher Training, celebrating my birthday, friends visiting from NYC...I needed to stop, be present & just take care of me!

One more thing...while driving home from the gardening store today, I talked on the phone to a friend who asked me about my birthday celebration. She asked if I had bought myself a fabulous present or done anything super special for myself. After thinking hard, I told her I bought myself a stainless steel salad spinner with a birthday coupon I had. We both laughed, and agreed that was GREAT, but simply NOT enough. Our conversation clearly reminded me that we don't have to wait for a birthday to treat ourselves, buy something sweet, or just love & care for ourselves.

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