Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My favorite place turned on me

I suppose it's my bad karma, because on Monday - Memorial Day - I was bit by a Doberman Pincher at Del Mar Dog Beach :(

My version of the story...Chants & I were leaving the beach when he & a Dobie (who was on a leash) met face to face. Chants pounced into Downward Dog (signifying play), when the owner released his dog to "play." The Dobie darted for Chants, barking & biting = dog fight! I got Chants out with only a few face scratches and a small puncture in his jowl - my foot got bit.

There is just nothing like witnessing a dog fight, the energy, the adrenaline...and of course getting bit along the way is no pleasurable pain.

Ive realized that I hardly ever get hurt. I've never broken a bone, been in a car accident, hospitalized or terribly sick - AMEN, I am blessed!

So what's my lesson I ask myself? Why the injury? What am I to learn from this awful experience? Yes, to stop and sloooooooowwwww down. I am. I'm laying horizontal all day, with my laptop in bed, cell phones & pooch by my side!

But I also am getting that people need people. Right now, Im immobile, I cant drive and I cant really walk or put pressure on my foot. How could I get to the Dr. appt or pick up anti-biotics without anther's help?

I just moved in with a housemate, perfect timing, because I imagine living alone with an injury is definitely not as fun! It feels incredibly amazing to have support from people, and to practice being vulnerable and to ask for help. Its ok to do!

I can't belive I missed your birthday, then again, I don't think I ever knew when it was. Sounds like California is treating you well. Hope I'll get to see you when you come back east!

And PS, NYC air ain't so bad :-)
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