Sunday, May 20, 2007

Taking time to smell the flowers

I'm making my 3rd move since landing in North County, California. Up until now I HATED moving - schlepping, packing, feels like a waste of time to me, like I could be doing so many other things instead of putting things in boxes. Now it feels different. I down-sized when I left NYC, so I have less stuff to pack - now I am enjoying the organizing. Also, I feel lighter and non-attached.

NEW: For the first time in 15 years I will have a house-mate. I am open & embrace change.

My even greater news right now is that the house I am moving out of has the most delicious smelling rose bush peaking now - (I wish there was a way you could smell it online!) Lucky me, as I go through this transition, I get to take LOTS of deep smells of the roses. It's so invigorating, makes me giddy & high. I am so happy & grateful for mother earth - reminding me to stop, slow down, breathe & live!

Of course, Chants, being a dog - present as ever - he too loves the roses!

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