Friday, June 29, 2007

NY sChity

Being here during the hot summer reminds me of the smells I do NOT miss! Oh my goodness - this city STINKS! I'm like a dog with so many pungent smells, all of the time!

Besides the frequent stank of hot pavement & steamy air, there is the every-now-and-again intense odor of dog urine, basting from the sun. Today, I saw a dog burying his nose in the piss on the street.

I rode the subways & there is the muggy underground smell. And, of course, the smell of people soup when on a subway car with no AC.

Garbage bags, waiting for sanitation pick-up, roasting in the heat.

When I went to record in my brothers studio in China Town on Grant Street, located between 2 Asian markets, it smelled like fishy diesel!

To be fair, I also had the opportunity to experience foreign smells in Jersey too this trip - my home state! I went on a friends water-ski boat on the Raritan River & that was stinky - wreaked of rotten eggs, sulphur...Believe it, I did swim in it as it was moderately refreshing...

Please don't send me hate mail, I love NJ & NYC, they will always be home & I'll always return, no matter what it smells like. Now, I'm just looking forward to California smells!

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