Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sunscreen Dance by the Swingset Mamas

How cool is new favorite kids yoga song, Sunscreen Dance by the Swingset Mamas is being used by the Environmental Protection Agency for their SunWise Program. SunWise is an educational program that teaches kids in schools & communities about the sun & safety. The Swingset Mamas are 2 AWESOME MOMMAS who I personally know & LOVE! Rock on Lizzy & Marlowe!

Here's link to activities to do with kids in yoga class or wherever related to this topic. I know for me now living in California where the sun is always shining - its so very important to protect the skin. AND - since Chants is fair & has sensitive skin, I apply Baby Sunscreen 50 - yes, he has actually gotten sunburn.

BTW - my brother Barry is in the Swingset Mamas band, so you gotta buy this cd!!

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