Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the dog bite and I still can't put weight on the foot. When I was laying there looking at the cut on the beach that day & thinking about how long Id be hurt for, I had no idea Id still be in pain this long!

2 shots, 2 anti-biotics, 2 weeks - hello patience, slow down, rest! These are challenging days.

I want to share with you the most incredible experience I had pre-dog bite: WATSU. Absolutely, amazingly sensual, blissful, harmonious experience - in a magical pool in Oceanside. Its like nothing I have ever experienced before, and until you do, neither have you. Dave's pool has an immense amount of crystals in it, and is surrounded by the mystical landscaping & more.

I was floated by my new dear friend Jory Castleburg - he's a healer, and I am so blessed to have the experience with him. And he does donation only.

I dreamed I was swimming with wild dolphins that night!

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