Thursday, July 19, 2007

Send him light!

I recently did a Yoga & Meditation Immersion, Opening to Grace with Tom & Trisha from Soul of Yoga. It was for sure life changing & like no other training Ive ever done before. 13 of us were present, connected & spontaneous with curriculum. We did Asana Yoga classes 2x a day, and lots of meditation throughout.

I am so excited to be deep in a meditation practice - I now feel so much more spiritually connected with spirit.

During immersion we did a healing meditation for a 6 day old baby who was in ICU. We sent her light, health, good energy & that her highest good happen. She went home few days later.

Amazing, truly precious.

Today I took Chants to the vet for a 2nd opinion on a Spindle Cell tumor(cancer.) He is having it removed on Tuesday, along with 2 other lil skin tags. This is CHants 4th surgery & as always, he'll be a champ.

Please join me in sending Chants light!

Beth, Moni, Celia and Miko, too, are sending Chants a "keren or" (ray of light) from Israel and wish him an easy surgery and a speedy recovery!
jodi--this is syddy, remember me? i miss chants so much. i hope he is okay. please keep letting me know, ok?
i am still taking yoga with the lady you trained. she's nice but not as nice as you. do you think chants will remember me? call gommy when you come home to ny. i am here now. 4th grade starts soon. i really miss chantsy. river got a dog her name is dolma, i am allergic of course. a tibetan healing dog i miss you please hug and hug chantsy call me
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