Monday, September 24, 2007

I am Aunt Jo Jo

This past weekend I was blessed to go home and spend 4 full days with my lil niece, Lia Jean. She is just shy of 2 years old now & I am in awe of her. Actually, it's quite mutual - as almost every minute she was saying "Jo Jo!"

When Lia was born, on October 10th 2005, she joined the Komitor family as the first grandchild. If you know my family, you can imagine what a BIG deal this was! I was so lucky to live walking distance to her, so I got lots of QT Lia time from the very beginning. When she turned 1 years old, I knew that I was moving across the country & made an extra effort to see her many times a week. Today, Lia & I have a very special bond that makes living so far away from her very challenging.

But I will see her in November for Thanksgiving & have had many great reunions with her since my move out west. I absolutely LOVE and appreciate witnessing her grow & change, develop & thrive, all of which is so evident because of the time in between each visit.

So whereas I used to worry that my niece wouldn't remember me or feel safe to be with me, that was all just useless paranoia. The truth lies in our bond that is sure to never be forgotten, no matter how close or far away we live from each other. I am Aunt Jo Jo!

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