Saturday, September 01, 2007

Summer is almost over

But from what I have been told, the weather in San Diego in September & October is the most glorious of all. I don't feel those end of summer blues that I used to get in New York...Labor Day weekend, back to school, back to work, no more beach, no more outdoor fun - NOT AT ALL! In fact, the life I live now, it's 12 months a year for all that good stuff & I'm lovin' it up!

I had an amazing visit from my Mom & Dad last week. Short & sweet, but super meaningful. It was my Dad's 1st time seeing me in my new life in Cali, my mom was out here earlier in March. We spent quality time together, relaxing at the beach, walking the hood & eating at my favorite restaurants. I celebrated my parents with a meet & greet the Focker's/Komitor's BBQ with my new California friends. It's amazing how now time with my parents is so much more quality than when we saw each other so often when I was living near them. Funny how that happens.

Also this past week, I received the gift of my Primordial Sound Mantra - the vibration the world made the moment I was born. My dear friend David Ji treated me to the Primordial Sound Meditation course at the Chopra Center where I learned their style of meditation: repeating my given mantra over & over again in order to lessen the chatter of thoughts & increase the power of silence. I have since been meditating twice a day & reaping the amazing benefits of meditation. I am so very grateful for being with myself in meditation, asking who I am, what I want & how can I serve.

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