Saturday, October 13, 2007

More New Beginnings

This week I moved (again!), into a sweet house in Encinitas. It's amazing, since living in California (only 10 month now) I have moved 4x already - thats more than I ever moved living in NYC for 15 years. This house is long term, I know it, I feel it, I want it. It's got a huge yard which I plan to have a veggie garden, a fire pit, hammock & lots of friendly gatherings. It's got great energy and I am grateful for this abode.

As with all moves, comes stress...the packing, the actual physical moving, unpacking, etc. But now I am in & my dear friend Lorrie supported me in letting go of my stress & making my space "mine" with sage. By way of ritual, I smudged and released old energies & spirits from every room, closet, draw, corner, nook & shelf. Very cool to see the swirls, streams & wafts of smoke move & travel out with the old, stale energy. Clean & clear is my space, available for me.

Symbolically, I moved on the night of the new moon, and today as I write this it's raining. My mother always said, rain was perfect for new moving days as it washes away the old, cleans & prepares for new beginnings! Amen to new beginnings.

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