Thursday, November 29, 2007

For the past 5 months I have begun my day with a morning meditation. My friend David from the Chopra Center named it RPM: Rise, Pee, Meditate. That is what I do - starting at 6:30am.

I have been practicing Primordial Sound Meditation, which I too learned from the Chopra Center. I received my very own primordial sound that, according to Vedic Scriptures, was the sound that was heard at the time I was born into this lifetime. It is a mantra that I repeat in order to get lost, go into the gap, away from my thoughts. Now, of course, my thoughts follow me everywhere, but that is why it is called a practice. Sometimes, I go away from my thoughts for a second, sometimes a minute - sometimes much more. With practice, I am sure I will go deeper into the gap.

With a recent move to a new house, I now have tile floors - so I have had my eye on a sheepskin rug that they sell at IKEA. I wanted this to use for meditation. Last weekend, in Portland, I scored my new meditation mat & I love it!! Apparently - so does Chants! I cant keep him off of it! Not sure if its the energy, the texture or the smell of the sheep who sacrificed himself for my meditation rug. Thank you sheep!

Chants has integrated himself into my daily meditation practice. I find I actually love his breath & warm body next to mine as I detach from my own.

Beautiful Jodi!

I think you know what an inspiration you've served as to me in the past ... I am so reassured that you have stayed so commited to your spiritual path.

Practice, practice, practice. E.
The part about the IKEA rug cracked me up. My sister recently went to IKEA with her 9-month old adorable ball- of- joy-little-boy, Jackson. She put that same rug in the cart, correctly thinking Jackson would adore it. He now clutches it tightly in his fat little fist as he speeds down the hallway in his walker. Apparently it curbs his desire to grab the poor unsuspecting cat by the tail!
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