Sunday, December 09, 2007


What an amazing week, I have so much to be grateful for.
I stop, review, and share my many blessings with you.

Sunday, 108 Sun Salutations for Peace was the event I participated in. With other yogis we practiced yoga & raised money for the San Diego Fire Relief Fund.

Monday, I taught over a dozen kids yoga at El Camino Creek about the 6 different ways our spine moves.

Tuesday, I meditated with over 50 people at the Chopra Center.

Wednesday, I taught 3 kids yoga classes, with kids ages 18 mo. to 10 yr. olds.

Thursday, I made potato latkas & celebrated Hanukkah!

Friday, I led a community family yoga night at Soul of Yoga with Tom & Trisha, oh & the Blue Fairy Goddess came & granted wishes & prayers for all the children present.

Now of course, through this week I experienced my daily day to day activities including work, stress, exercise, chants walks, yoga, friends, etc...But when I stop & look at what stands out from this past week - I recognize the gifts BIG & clear. I cant help but feel empowered - because I am living my dharma, I am on my life's path.

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