Monday, December 24, 2007

Taking Inventory

Tis the season - it's the holidays!! A new year, closure with 2007, new beginnings for 2008.

My big move across the country stands out this year - my life has definitely taken significant turns & changes in 2007. In less than a year, I made a 2-week drive across the country to land in the most beautiful, spiritual, magical yoga-surf town called Encinitas. I've made 3 trips to NY, 2 to Seattle and 1 to Portland. Let's just say it was a LOT of travelling!

This year, I met so so so many amazing people, creating new relationships & possibilities...I have integrated with an open community at Soul of Yoga, taught 7 kids yoga Teacher Trainings and brought NGY classes into 5 after schools in San Diego county. Chants & I have met a bazillion other dog lovers, made great new friends who are now family, and I've even done some dating ;)

I am grateful that 2007 is the year I found my daily meditation practice, learned to surf & started my organic garden. LIFE IS GOOD!

I wish you all a blessed holiday & new year filled with loved ones & fun!

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