Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jaime & Donna Komitor have brought a beautiful light being into the world, his name is JJ (Jarrett James), what an awesome name! I definitly feel odd, different, physically uncomfortrable being so far away from my family during this time of new life. Pictures just don't do a new family member justice!

I cant quite believe that Lil Lia is now a big sister, my brother is a Dad of 2, and I am a Aunt Jo Jo living across the country - where is time going? Fast for sure! Brings me to the present moment, with acknowledgment for the gift of life.

Please join me & send light to JJ - he is experiencing a traditional Jewish Briss on Thursday, January 31st @ 4:30pm, EST. And also to Donna for healing post cesarian surgery.

Aweeeeeeeeee he is lovely. God bless. I know how you feel. My nephew lives in Florida. Love him so much.

Hope you are well...Love and Light to you and your family...

Edmalia :o)
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