Saturday, January 12, 2008


2008 is the year I am committed to releasing the 1st NGY instructional video for kids. I am so excited about this project, and if you know me, you know this has been brewing for too long, so the time is now.

I'm relatively in the beginning stages, so Id like to take this blog-oportunity to do some market research. Whether you are a parent, teacher, yogi, producer, investor or friend - Id love to hear from you and get your feedback on a childrens yoga video.

Have you ever seen a kids yoga video? Which one? What did you think?
Describe the video you would like to see me create?
How much would you pay for a NGY dvd?
What age would you want it for?

Thank you thank you, all feedback is helpful information. And its karmic!

Hey Jodi,
I buy every kid's DVD I can find - have Shana Banana, Marsha Wenig, Leah Kalish, YOga Amazing - Chaz. That's all I have found. Rodney Yee has a family one. They were all a little different. Chaz's was the most entertaining but I learned something from each or was inspired to stay with teaching kids.
Would love to see an instructional DVD from you. I would pay $20-25. Elementary Age I would fine helpful but where ever you target it, I'm sure that will be helpful.
Looking forward to connecting with your next week.
Joanne (Spence)
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